What kind of mum am I?

Made hot wheat packs for the first time tonight and it really got me thinking about why I make things. Am I doing it because it is cheaper (and in this case it is, I can make 6 for less than the cost of buying one, and they don’t stink like lavender.) Or am I trying to keep up with the Pinterest set.

I see the pins of lovely things. And I start to figure out how to make them. I see all the WAHM stores on FB and want to make that stuff.

I have an almost full time job, that pays a decent wage. Why do I keep trying to figure out how I can make money selling stuff I could make? Berry has more and more items that I’ve made after seeing them on the net that hold her interest for a very short while. Why do I think our lives need all this crap.

Where is the message coming from that I should be able to do handcrafts like my grandmother to be a good mum, alongside all the 21st century stuff? I know I am not alone. Things for the kids should look handmade for some reason.

At least I am warm now.