I am adrift
I am echoing within
I have lost

We have lost
Our village is one less
A voice is now silence

You were these things and are


Passing, leaving and staying
Your gift to us will remain
Where once strength was given in your words
Now it is in the bond we all share


I want to have a massive whinge/rant, but I know that no one cares. But here is the question; what do I do with all the pent up stuff that’s stopping me from sleeping, thinking straight or just being a person other people want to be around.

So, non-existent reader you’ll have to do. Except I can’t say what I really want to because then I will no longer have a job.

I want to put a plea out there on Facebook, but most people will just laugh at me, and I don’t really want to be vulnerable. So I’m just going to keep running on low.