Mess and time.


So I decided to clean out my car today. I usually do this when I can’t find something or need something that I had taken with me. Like my hairbrush, so I could do my hair as we could be running late.

The very full basket of washing came out of the boot – just the boot – and I had already thrown out the rubbish and the ‘stuff’ was out of shot, ie. the nappy bag, the spare nappy bag and a child sized shopping basket full of drink bottles. What you can see in the boot is all the crap from the cabin that I moved there to sort after I had emptied the boot.

I realised as I looked at the pile of stuff, I felt no shame, there was nothing moldy or rotten or stinky. It wasn’t my fault, or that of my husband (who by the way is the stay at home parent, so one could argue this was his job) One day I’ll/we’ll be on top of this stuff, but not right now and that’s fine. We have two small people who need us to be present, they don’t care if the car is impeccable. A time will come when this won’t happen. We won’t always need a nappy bag, car trips longer than 10 minutes won’t always end with at least one child asleep, and if nothing else one day Berry and Buzz will accept payment to clean it for me.


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