Routine and Gender Roles.

Not together.

Tonight is the first night of our ‘routine’. We’ve been doing a very baby-led routine until now, but now that I’m going to be working 3 days a week, and our lives are getting back to pre-baby busy, it seems like it is time to put a bit of parent direction into the mix. The end of daylight savings was chosen on purpose as we were going to have to adjust things anyway so it seemed like a good idea. The big things are the get up time, the midday nap and the start of dinner/going to bed. There is a bit of baby led stuff in the rest of the mix. Let’s see how it goes.

The other thing was as I was updating my ‘about’ it got me thinking about something someone said at church this morning. Two boys were hitting each other and one didn’t seem all that pleased about it. My teaching instincts got me to check with the boy that everything was alright and then chat to his Mum. She then got talking about how they were just boys and that is how they play. She then said that the eldest boy gets in trouble at school as he tries to play rough at school and his Mum needs to remind him that girls are a bit more gentle. It got me thinking about whether the boys are naturally more rough, or if that is a cultural expectation, and what was my little girl going to be like. Would she be gentle because ‘that’s what little girls are like’ or would she be allowed to play rough with the boys if that was in her personality. Or is rough play suitable for anyone?